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Royal Government of CambodiaTechnical Barriers to TradeStatement on Implementation and Administration of the Agreement (Article 15.2)The Law on Standards of Cambodia is the legal basis for all measures related to standards and technical regulations. The law came into force in June, 2007.The law establishes the Institute of Standards of Cambodia, which is charged with developing national standards, including mandatory standards, for products and services, and related activities. The Institute also is empowered to operate conformity assessment schemes and to certify the conformity of products, commodities, etc., when requested to do so. The Law further establishes the National Standards Council, and empowers it to approve, amend and cancel voluntary and mandatory national standards and standard marks. The law also describes the procedures to be followed in developing a Cambodian standard; approving standard marks; issuing, canceling and suspending a product license; issuing, revoking and suspending a systems certification; and accrediting a conformity assessment or similar body and revoking or suspending such accreditation.The text of the law is available on the site:  Law on Cambodian StandardSub-Decree No. 62 on the Organization and Functioning of the Institute of Standards of Cambodia came into force on 4 June 2008. The Sub-Decree describes in detail the organization and functioning of the Institute of Standards of Cambodia.There are two Ministerial Regulations have been issued for specifying the process of registration of industrial products and specifying the requirement regarding labeling of food products.The text of those Sub-Decree and Ministerial regulations are available on the site: Law on Cambodian StandardOther technical regulation called Industrial Standards of Cambodia CS 0051:2005 “Chilli Sauce” has been developed to limit the requirements for content of chilli sauce product. A description of these measures is contained in the attached tables.Cambodia has no specific publication used to announce that work is proceeding on regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. The public is made aware of such work through the media, in particular the local press. The texts of regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures are available through the WTO/TBT Enquiry Point. They may also be found in the National Gazette.The public may submit written comments on proposed texts following the announcement that draft texts have been prepared. The ISC website describes procedures for commenting on line.The procedure for developing standards is:1- Proposal stage: The first step in the development of a Cambodian Standard is to receive a request from stakeholders who, both external and internal, have determined a need for a particular Cambodian Standard. A new work item proposal (NWP) is initiated. The request is then submitted for formal approval from National Standards Council (NSC). Upon approval of the request, the project is assigned to the relevant existing Technical Committee (TC) or Working group (WG), or a new TC or WG may be established by NSC to undertake the project. 2- Preparatory stage: Deliberation of a project is carried out by the Working Group and Technical Committee and the Draft Cambodian Standards (DCS) is finalized for Public Comments for a period of sixty working days. The DCS is circulated to relevant Stakeholders both external and internal. 3- Review stage: Following the period for public comments, the Final Draft Cambodian Standards (FDCS) is reviewed by TC to address any received comments.4- Approval stage: Upon acceptance by TC, it is forwarded to NSC for approval of FDCS and then FDCS will be sent to Minister for approval as Cambodian Standards.5- Publication stage: Once a Cambodian Standard has been edited, it is sent for printing and publishing in the National Gazette.The address of Cambodia’s WTO/TBT Enquiry Point is as follows:Institute of Standards of CambodiaMinistry of Industry and HandicraftCambodia’s WTO/TBT Enquiry PointTel: (855) 12 856948Fax: (855) 23 216086E-mail: camtbt-info@isc.gov.khWebsite: www.isc.gov.kh The Law on Standards of Cambodia establishes the Institute of Standards of Cambodia as the agency having functions under the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. No other agencies have such functions.No national or sub-national agency other than the Institute of Standards of Cambodia has the authority to prepare new or amend existing technical regulations or conformity assessment procedures.

  1. Contact Cambodian WTO/TBT Enquiry Point
  2. Institute of Standards of Cambodia (ISC) Department of Information(DOI) # 538 National Road No2, Sangkat Chak-AngRe Leu, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel: +855 12 856 948 Fax: +855 425 052 E-mail: camtbt-info@isc.gov.kh Website  http://www.isc.gov.kh
  3. Download the full text of the TBT Notifications directly from the address/website of the issuing member countries indicated in item #11 of the TBT Notification document.

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