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Credentials This document is a proposed Cambodian Standard in terms of the Law on Standards of Cambodia Issue as a draft in this form provides the required statutory opportunity for consideration and comment by the bodies and persons having an interest in the Standard

1. Commenting 
(a) Comments are invited on the technical content, wording and general arrangement of this draft. Please use the comment page, provided in public comments , for your comments.Editorial matters (i.e. spelling, punctuation, grammar, numbering, references etc) will be corrected before final publication. 

(b) When completing the comment page ensure that the number of this draft, your name and organisation (if applicable) is recorded. Please place relevant clause numbers beside each comment. 

(c) Please provide supporting reasons and suggested wording, for each comment. Where you consider that specific content is too simplistic, too complex or too detailed, provide an alternative. 

(d) Comments should preferably be typewritten. Please do not return marked-up drafts as comments. 

(e) Comments sent by e-mail or on a disc or fax greatly assist processing. 

(f) If the draft is acceptable without change, an acknowledgement to this effect would be appreciated. 

(g) Normally no acknowledgement of comment is sent. All comments received by the due date will be put before the relevant drafting committee. Where appropriate, changes will be incorporated before the Standard is formally approved. 

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