Waste to Energy (WtE) for Rice Milling Sector in Cambodia Project


Waste to Energy (WtE) for Rice Milling Sector in Cambodia Project Funded by EU-SWITCH-AsiaDate: 3rd March, 2015Place:
Institute of Standard of Cambodia building number 20, Street National Road2, Chak Angre Leur 
Participate: Ms. Ira Larasaty (Program Leader), Institute of Standard of Cambodia (ISC) , National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC), FCRMA, SME Renewable .LTD and Stakeholder.  
Purposes: to reflect on the year end progress and to put together activities for 2015
1. Presentation of the activities according to signed agreement (preferably in slide presentation)
2. Issues concern and difficulty during the implementation in 20143.
Next step to be taken; activities to be integrated by your component(relevant to main goal and objective of the agreement between the project) 
Outputs1. A year end progress report 2. An integrated work plan for 2015

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[ Wed-18-May-2016 ]
This workshop held in Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the morning on 30 October 2012, opening by H.E Uch Bora Director General of the institute of Standards of Cambodia (ISC). This workshop is organized by ISC and sponsored by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), participated by Institute of Standards of Cambodia, National Metrology Center, Domestic laboratory, Technical committees, Cambodia chamber of commerce, consumer association, producer association and universities. Cambodia is a subscriber member of ISO since January 1995 and now Cambodia has changed its membership from subscriber member to correspondence member from beginning of this year. During its ISO subscriber membership, the Institute of Standards of Cambodia is trying best to reform its quality infrastructure to fit the real needs and goal. However, we have been doing we can say that some issues is achieved and some cannot achieved. These may be caused by our limited capacities, misunderstanding or insufficient infrastructures or may not have the opportunity for improvement. Since changing level of its membership, Cambodia has been selected by ISO to participate in ISO project for strengthening ISO members in developing countries at institution level as pilot project. It is mean that today workshop is a primary stage of needs assessment related to the country success and failures, strengths and weaknesses, and improvement needed in the national standardization infrastructure. It is good opportunities for us that we have Mr. Beer Budoo, here to help us to find out the gaps, weaknesses and other issues that we need to improve our standardization infrastructure.   All inputs provided by you all, are valuable key points that we have to take into account and discuss in this workshop and find the best way for solution and put into the program for technical assistance that can be measured, justified and achieved.

[ Wed-18-May-2016 ]

[ Wed-18-May-2016 ]
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